European Association of Social Psychology (EASP)

The EASP Summer School is organized every two years and is a central activity of the European Association. It provides an ideal educational opportunity to learn about theory, methodology, and research design in social psychology, whilst also honing communication and presentational skills. It stimulates the cross fertilization of ideas and approaches between countries, continents and cultures as well as individuals. The close working in small groups provides a uniquely intense "hothouse" environment with the teaching more interactive than didactic. The social networks that emerge often lead to lifelong collaborations and friendships and those attending will be encouraged to design and develop collaborative research projects that continue afterwards.

SPSP will select five students to attend (one for each workstream) and reimburse up to $750 in expenses (travel, registration, etc). Past participants of SISPP will be not eligible to attend.

EASP 2020:

EASP offers a graduate summer school during even-numbered years. Check back in summer 2019 for details regarding EASP 2020.

Additional Details:

Full information about the summer school can be found on EASP’s website

Questions about SPSP applications and funding for this program should be directed to