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Nick Brown

Nick Brown

Nicolas Brown is Ph.D. candidate at Florida Atlantic University. He is also works as the President of the Graduate Student Commitee


Why did you join SPSP?

I joined SPSP as an undergraduate so that I could connect with colleagues conducting cutting-edge research in personality/social psychology.


What led you to choose a career in personality psychology?

I decided to pursue a career in personality psychology after working in David Funder's lab at UC Riverside.


Summarize your current research, and any future interests you plan to pursue.

My current research uses new technology, such as lifeloggers, to capture the psychological properties of everyday situations.


What is your most memorable SPSP Annual Convention experience?

Every year, I look forward to attending the graduate student social at the Annual Convention. It's a great time to network with other students and just relax with your peers.


How has being a member of SPSP helped to advance your career?

Being a member of SPSP has allowed me to network with other graduate students and faculty who have similar research interests, and to collaborate on projects together.


Do you have advice for those interested in pursuing a career in social psychology?

For anyone wanting to pursue a career in personality psychology, my advice is to read a great textbook (like David Funder's Personality Puzzle), and then reach out to psychologists whose research you are excited about; they are very helpful and will give you some great advice!


Outside of psychology, how do you spend your free time?

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my 1 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi.


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