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Announcing the SPSP Ambady Award, Undergraduate Teaching & Mentoring Award, Jenessa Shapiro Award for Contributions to Diversity & Inclusion, Service to SPSP Award & Service to the Field Award Winners

Congratulations to the recipients of SPSPs Ambady Award, Undergraduate Teaching & Mentoring Award, Jenessa Shapiro Award for Contributions to Diversity & Inclusion, Service to SPSP Award & Service to the Field Award. SPSP will be honoring these award recipients at the Awards Ceremony during SPSPs Annual Convention in New Orleans.
Ambady Award for Mentoring Excellence
The Ambady Award for Mentoring Excellence recognizes an individual for his or her commitment to fostering the professional and intellectual development of students and early career researchers by serving as an accessible and supportive advisor.
Constantine Sedikides
Constantine’s research is on self and identity, and their interplay with emotion and motivation. Before joining University of Southampton, Constantine taught at University of Wisconsin-Madison and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He holds a BA from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and a PhD from The Ohio State University.

Undergraduate Teaching and Mentoring Award
The Undergraduate Teaching and Mentoring Award honors excellence in teaching and mentoring among faculty at colleges and universities without social-personality Ph.D. programs, including those working at community colleges and whose teaching is primarily online.
Christopher Leone
Chris is a personality-social psychologist at the University of North Florida. He has mentored dozens of Honors Thesis students and countless other undergraduates inside and outside the lab. He has shared his expertise with fellow mentors and undergraduates at other campuses in presentations, workshops, and panel discussions at various conferences.
Jenessa Shapiro Award for Contributions to Diversity and Inclusion
The Jenessa Shapiro Award for Contributions to Diversity and Inclusion recognizes a faculty member who has had a direct and significant impact on the representation and experiences of underrepresented individuals in social and personality psychology and/or the broader community.
Yolanda Flores Niemann
Yolanda is Professor of Psychology at the University of North Texas. Her research focuses on the effects and social ecological contexts of stereotypes and tokenism. She has published multiple books and journal article publications, and a film Microaggressions in the Classroom. She has been Principal Investigator of over 40 million dollars in federal grants, and served as an administrator for 15 years. She lectures nationally on microaggressions and inequities in the workplace.
Service to the Field Award
The Service to the Field Award is for distinguished efforts by individuals to benefit the field of social and personality psychology generally.
Kellina M. Craig-Henderson
Kellina Craig-Henderson is a former Professor of Psychology currently serving as the Deputy Assistant Director for the Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences Directorate of the National Science Foundation. She previously served as the Program director of the Social Psychology program before serving as Director for NSF's Tokyo Office.
Paula Pietromonaco
Paula studies close relationship processes, emotion, and health, including how partners’ shape each other’s health-related physiological responses, and how individual differences (e.g., attachment, childhood adversity) and situational variables (e.g., power, culture) modulate relationship dynamics. She is Editor of Emotion, and Professor Emerita, Psychological and Brain Sciences, University of Massachusetts, Amherst.
Service to SPSP Award
Service to SPSP Award recognizes distinguished service specifically to SPSP.
Jennifer Crocker
Jennifer is Ohio Eminent Scholar in Social Psychology at Ohio State University. She received her PhD from Harvard and her BA from Michigan State, and was a faculty member at Northwestern University, University at Buffalo, and University of Michigan. She studies how social motivations shapes psychological experience and relationships.
Julie Garcia & Diana T. Sanchez
Julie Garcia received her Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the University of Michigan and is currently a Professor in the Psychology and Child Development Department, and Interim Associate Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion at California State University, San Luis Obispo. Her research explores managing multiple social identities, multiracial identity, and underrepresentation in STEM. She has been a member of SPSP’s Diversity and Climate Committee since 2015.
Diana T. Sanchez is a Full Professor in the Department of Psychology at Rutgers University. Her research explores the complexities associated with close relationships, identity, and stigma. Within these themes, she is most widely known for her work on multiple identities, gender dynamics in close-relationships, and stigma coping and transfer.
Oz Ayduk & Sam Sommers
Dr. Ayduk received her Ph.D. from Columbia University (1999) and has been a faculty member at the University of California, Berkeley, Department of Psychology since 2002. Dr. Ayduk’s research aims to understand vulnerability and resilience to stress using both personality and social psychological paradigms. Her broader aim is to leverage basic science findings from her lab to develop scalable interventions.
Sam Sommers is Professor and Chair of Psychology at Tufts University and an SPSP Fellow. His service to SPSP includes past membership on the Diversity and Climate Committee, a term as Board Member-at-Large, and co-chair of the Task Force on Sexual Harassment.
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