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Announcing SPSP Student Dissertation, Publication and Graduate Research Recipients

Congratulations to SPSPs Student Award Winners. SPSP is dedicated to the development of outstanding graduate and undergraduate education in personality and social psychology. As part of this effort, the Society offers several student awards each year. SPSP will be honoring these award recipients at the Student Awards Ceremony during SPSPs Annual Convention in New Orleans.
Heritage Dissertation Research Award
The Heritage Dissertation Awards are intended to provide assistance with the costs of conducting dissertation research in social and personality psychology and are endowed through donations honoring those on the Heritage Wall of Fame.
Daniel Albohn
The Pennsylvania State University
Analia Albuja
Rutgers University 
Katie E. Garrison
Texas A & M University
Eva-Maria Stelzer
The University of Arizona
Sanaz Talaifar
The University of Texas at Austin
Katherine Zee
Columbia University

Student Publication Prize
SPSP recognizes excellence in research by student members with its Student Publication Prize. Papers are eligible for consideration if they are published in the calendar year prior to nomination in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Personality and Social Psychology Review, or Social Psychological and Personality Science.
Mona Ayoub
The University of Illinois
Kimberly E. Chaney
Rutgers University
Boaz Hameiri 
The University of Pennsylvania 
Nicholas M. Hobson
The University of Toronto

Jenessa Shapiro Graduate Research Award
The Jenessa Shapiro Graduate Research Award provides assistance to graduate students from an underrepresented background with the cost of conducting research in personality and/or social psychology.
Lucy De Souza
The University of British Columbia  
Danica Kulbert
Tulane University 
Jaboa Lake
Portland State University 
Angelica Leigh
The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Ariel Mosley
The University of Kansas 
Eugene Ofosu 
McGill University 
Zachary Reese
University of Michigan
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