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Request for Volunteers to Host Summer Institute in Social and Personality Psychology (SISPP) in 2021

Since 2003, the Society for Personality and Social Psychology has offered a bi-annual (in odd-numbered years) two-week intensive summer experience for up to 100 pre-doctoral students in social and personality psychology. By all accounts the summer institute has been a success; student attendees and faculty instructors rave about the opportunity. We have been fortunate to have faculty from leading research and teaching institutions host SISPP in the past. These institutions are:

University of Colorado, Boulder (2003)
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (2005)
University of Texas, Austin (2007)
Northwestern (2009)
Princeton University (2011)
University of California – Davis (2013)
Northeastern University (2015)
University of Southern California (2017)
New York University (2019)

The SISPP Advisory Committee now solicits expressions of interest from social psychology programs in the United States that might be willing to host SISPP (summer 2021). Criteria for a SISPP site are:

1. A reasonably large social psychology program (at least 3- 4 active faculty) to work on local arrangements and supply one or two course co-instructors. An honorarium is provided for both local organizers and faculty that teach during SISPP.

2. A university conference division that is experienced in running conferences and can handle the details of registration, meal tickets, assigning rooms for the SISPP students, etc.

3. An attractive location (in terms of natural beauty, cultural and social opportunities, etc.) where people will want to come.

4. Good availability of transportation (proximity to a major airport).

5. If possible, the availability of some financial support (or in-kind contributions) from the host university, to supplement existing funding from NSF and SPSP.

6. Appropriate facilities for instruction, informal meetings, participant access to e-mail, etc.

Please send a brief statement (about 1 page) describing specifically how your proposed site meets the above requirements, as well as any additional information that you believe the committee should consider.

Include the name, email address, and phone number of a contact person. Send letters of interest by email to Chad Rummel (on behalf of the SISPP Advisory Committee) at by November 1, 2019. The committee will review all statements, proceed to negotiations with sites that appear to best meet the criteria, with a final decision by mid-January 2020.


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