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Member Updates

SPSP is interested in learning more about people's experiences using social media platforms to discuss scientific issues. As such, SPSP is conducting a survey on climate issues on social media. The survey takes approximately 15 minutes and will be open until midnight on 10/24/16. The survey may be completed here:
SPSP is interested in learning more about people’s attitudes about non-academic internships for social/personality graduate students, as well as identifying specific internship opportunities that would be a good fit our students
Q&pAy is a small research grant competition held at the SPSP annual convention, and our version of the “Shark Tank” television show. Applications are currently being accepted for the 2017 competition. We had a chance to catch up with the 2016 participants, Tina Sundelin, Ashley Whillans, and Adam Morris to see how their research is progressing, what they gained from taking part in Q&pAy, and more.
#SPSP2017 App and Online Program Launched   The 2017 Annual Convention Program is now final. With over 80 scientific symposia, 19 professional development sessions, 3 data blitzes, 7 brand new workshops and over 1700 posters, this lineup is sure to have something great for everyone no matter your research focus. Click here to learn more about how the app (iOS and Android-friendly) and online program (desktop/laptop-friendly) can help you make the most of your #SPSP2017 experience.
This summer, four undergraduates packed their bags and moved across the country (and, for one student, around the world) to spend eight weeks working hands-on in a lab that corresponded to their research interests. These students, Roxie Chuang, Deanna Ibrahim, Maria Escobar, and Precious Hardy, participated in SPSP’s new Summer Program for Undergraduate Research (SPUR). SPUR is an intensive internship experience for undergraduates from under-represented ethnic groups. Roxie’s SPUR Experience: Building Professional Relationships