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Foodie Calls: Who Dates for Free Food?

Young woman on date with young man
Nearly a third of women—particularly those with narcissistic, Machiavellian, and psychopathic traits—have dated someone just for a free meal.

Do We Become More Empathic as We Get Older?

Older couple embracing one another sitting on a bench outdoors
A study of how six large samples of adults changed over time may answer this question.

Certain Personalities Make Some Professional Truck Drivers More Dangerous than Others

Semi Truck Driver
You should hope that the driver of that 18-wheeler coming toward you has certain personality characteristics rather than others.

Conscientious Children Do Better in School

Photo of two boys laughing
Teaching children to be responsible, persistent, and careful might be the key to their academic success, as early as 4th grade.

Does Adversity Really Make Us Stronger? Usually Not

Back view of a young man with a personal problem stands at wooden wall.
Nietzsche famously said “That which does not kill us makes us stronger,” but growing evidence suggests it usually doesn’t.

The Prince of Nigeria Relies on Your Gullibility

Man with a mask
Can your personality influence the likelihood that you will respond to a scam email?

Does “Heart on Your Sleeve” Equal “See What You Get”?

We all know that people vary in how much they express themselves and their feelings. Some people can’t help but to be themselves. Transparency is this expression of the true self. But are the people that “wear their heart on their sleeves” the same people that we describe as “what you see is what you get”?

In her talk on emotion expression and perception, Marie-Catherine Mignault discussed her new research on accurate expression and perception of emotions and personality. Her main question: Do those who show their true personality also show their true emotions?

How Narcissism Relates to Social Media

Young woman sitting in kitchen taking a selfie of herself
Some people higher in narcissism may enjoy using social media, but others find it deflating and distressing.